Importance Of A Good Business Strategy


A business strategy is a documented plan detailing how a business expects to achieve its goals. A good business strategy has some crucial principles which outline how the company will attain those goals. For instance, it will explain how a business will deal with its competitors, review the needs and expectations of the business’s customers, as well as examine the long-term growth and sustainability of the firm. It then follows that there are many important reasons for a business to have a good business strategy:

Customer retention

hrdoifghredfrTo have a good business strategy is the surest way to retain customers. That is because it entails coming up with a program for following up on customers as well as staying in touch with regular customers to ensure the business’ products are working as intended.

A customer service strategy, an essential part of the general business strategy, helps to minimize customer stress when they call in with any problems. This will in turn translate to customer retention and increased sales revenue.

Efficient use of resources highlights the importance of a good business strategy

According to pundits, an excellent business strategy ensures that a company’s resources are put to good and profitable use. Company resources may include patents, customer base, marketplace reputation, and personnel, logistics resources such as shipping partners and warehouses, as well as manufacturing processes.

The strategy steps in to utilize the available company resources so as to give the business a competitive advantage over competitors, give the business proprietary control over new technology in the industry and innovate new products which maintain or increase the business’ market share in the industry.

Business expansion

gu4y78odfgregerAn excellent business strategy explores and determines how a business can exploit opportunities outside the scope of traditional practice in order to expand. By fostering research with business strategies and promoting vigorous marketing, the business can uncover and conquer new frontiers. For instance, a computer repair business may expand to be an internet service provider if a market research among the business’ clients reveals that to be a viable and profitable idea.

It is a trite fact that expansion is the surest way for any business to retain its competitive edge.

A Strategy may identify trends in the industry

A good business strategy examines broader changes in the market, for example, political, technological or social changes. It can also examine consumer trends, and come up with tactics for the business to adapt or circumvent any changes in the industry.

In conclusion, the importance of a good business strategy to business, company or organization cannot be gainsaid. It is the first step to the success of any business.